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Box of Birds is a Boston-based indie/folk/rock band lead by Steph Durwin and Charlie Gargano.

Steph and Charlie met while studying audio engineering at The New England Institute of Art in Brookline, MA. It was not long after they began writing songs and experimenting in the studio. Benny Grotto (Motherboar/Slapshot), and Erik Caldarone (ECG/Boompa) joined the band in 2013 to bring the songs to life with driving drums and bass. Lyrical content ranges from political and social commentary (reminiscent of Conor Oberst and Kevin Devine), to nature and hope.


  The debut EP "A Place On The Wall Where A Picture Used To Hang" coming soon!


Sound Of Boston: http://soundofboston.com/local-spotlightsong-premiere-fine-swell-box-birds/


Allston Pudding: http://allstonpudding.com/box-of-birds-release-new-single-its-fine-its-swell/

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